Guiding Your Region’s Quest to Become a Magnet for Skilled Workers


Today, talent is a key factor in nearly every business location decision. As a result, chambers of commerce and economic development organizations not only need to showcase their communities to companies, C-level executives and site selectors, they now also need to effectively market their regions to skilled professionals, especially within the key industries they are targeting for business retention, expansion and relocation.

While much of the focus on the growing skills gap in the United States has been placed on developing talent locally, most areas need so many professionals that they will also need to recruit from outside their areas to fill these workforce shortages.

Amidst this landscape, it’s evident that the global war for talent truly knows no boundaries, and the regions of the United States that will stay competitive and thrive in the years to come will be those that aggressively recruit and attract talent.

Several communities across the United States and Canada have already confronted this brutal fact, launching robust talent attraction campaigns. DCI has researched and interviewed many of these communities’ initiatives, developing a blog series based on the information we learned. We also created an eBook that shares the “Top 10 Tips in Talent Attraction” from our perspective, developed by examining some of the most successful talent campaigns across North America. In the book, we explore the strategies, tactics and metrics that these initiatives use as they look to attract talented workers to their regions. Be sure to download a copy today.