Museum Marketing

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Attract attention that leads to increased ticket sales through DCI’s museum marketing and public relations efforts.

DCI’s museum marketing team excels at launching new museums and cultural institutions because the team understand the unique tactics needed to attract more visitors. It’s exactly what DCI does for destinations worldwide. From identifying storytellers and narrators within institutions to cultivating interest in exhibitions by new target audiences, DCI is the museum marketing partner that you’ll be glad is on your side.

DCI’s museum marketing team goes beyond generating editorial coverage and tallying social media impressions. DCI aligns our marketing strategy and initiatives to the numbers that matter the most to institutions: museum attendance and revenue.

  • Museum Opening Events
  • Onsite Media Visits
  • Proactive Media Pitching
  • Dynamic Influencer Relations
Museum Opening Events
Open with a Splash

Partner with DCI to ensure everyone knows you are launching your museum.

Whether it’s a new art museum, a children’s museum, or any other cultural institution, DCI is prepared to help design a museum marketing and public relations strategy that will generate real results. Don’t rely on word of mouth to announce your opening.

Onsite Media Visits
Invite the Right People

Tap into DCI’s media list to invite the right journalists to visit your cultural institution.

To increase visitation, think beyond simple museum advertising tactics. Instead, engage influential media players to visit and tell the story. An in-person experience is one of most effective marketing tools, and DCI will help facilitate these trips to showcase your museum experience.

Proactive Media Pitching
Make it About You

Let DCI’s marketing efforts land your museum in the headlines.

Media pitching is more than sending out a press release. It requires sharing your museum’s mission with the right demographics. DCI’s experienced team will reach out to the media to help share stories with target audiences and potential visitors.

Dynamic Influencer Relations
Find Yourself Trending

Work with DCI’s social media marketing professionals to reach new audiences.

DCI knows how to attract and collaborate with social media influencers. With a strong digital marketing plan, your museum will be more than just a hashtag on TikTok as these influencers share the visitor experience through social media platforms.

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DCI is your partner in generating marketing ideas and brand awareness for museums both new and old. Build a museum marketing strategy with DCI today.