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EDOs and DMOs have an edge when they decide to work with DCI.

DCI’s approach to tourism and business development digital marketing strategies starts with knowing your audience better than anyone else. Not only does the digital team understand the online behaviors of visitors, corporate executives, site selectors and a potential labor force, but DCI has the digital expertise and communication skills your team needs to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies.

DCI’s business development and tourism digital marketing team is focused on driving results through strategy, research, testing and learning to inform ongoing marketing improvements. For DCI, no two projects are the same. With a mindset focused on challenging the status quo, this team guarantees a tailored digital marketing experience for your EDO or DMO driven by peak performance.

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  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
Data-Driven Approach

Compete in today’s digital landscape.

Our approach to digital marketing for destinations prioritizes a holistic and data-driven strategy. This involves setting up tracking and reporting tools, defining key performance indicators (KPIs), and establishing a framework for analyzing and interpreting data. Using advanced data visualization techniques, we help destinations gain valuable insights into how their audience is interacting with their brand online. This includes creating custom reports and dashboards that provide real-time insights into website traffic, advertising performance, and social media engagement.

We then use these insights to optimize destinations’ digital presence and advertising campaigns for maximum impact. Our optimization services include A/B testing, website optimization, social media strategy development, and more. Overall, our approach is designed to provide destinations with the insights and tools they need to make data-driven decisions and succeed in the competitive digital landscape. 


Website Design and Development
Turn a New Page with DCI

DCI develops and designs websites that continuously drive results for new clients.

DCI designs and builds customized websites from scratch – including all the research and content you need – or can refresh a site in need of a makeover. As a tourism and digital marketing agency that also has deep experience in business development lead generation, DCI’s digital marketing team are masters at storytelling. Whether it’s tracking down just the right photos, creating dynamic infographics and maps, or developing customized applications to drive engagement, we’ve got it covered.

Learn more about DCI Website Services.

Search Engine Marketing
Stay Optimized with DCI

DCI’s comprehensive SEO and PPC marketing strategies make sure your content lands in front of the right audiences.

Engaging travelers, corporate executives and a potential workforce in their online search is a critical and important step in driving investment into local economies. We have extensive experience in helping places appear higher on search results through search engine optimization work as well as paid search programs. To improve awareness and conversions amongst your target audience, we utilize a variety of paid advertising channels and publications, including social media, programmatic advertising, and media buys with top publications.  

Find out more about DCI’s approach to media buying.

Social Media and Content Marketing
Get Trending with DCI

DCI keeps your destination’s brand fresh and relevant on the ever-changing social networks.

The dynamic, always-on world of social media – from LinkedIn and YouTube to TikTok, Instagram and beyond – plays a crucial role in developing perceptions of a place. Maintaining a presence on these networks is a full-time job. Whether crafting branded destination content or elevating business development executives’ presence via digital thought leadership, DCI builds and executes social media marketing strategies, blog content and email marketing programs that elevate your community online and around the world through measurable results. The digital team never met a platform it didn’t master.

See how DCI revamped the US Virgin Islands’ social media presence.

Influencer Marketing
Build an Organic Following with DCI

Amass impressions globally through influencer partnerships.

There is no denying that influencer marketing informs consumer perceptions. DCI understands the positive impact influencers have on a destination’s attractiveness as a place to visit and to live. As an agency, we have relationships with the influencers who drive engagement with community brands and extensive experience negotiating partnerships with top travel, lifestyle and niche market influencers.

DCI works with influencers every step of the way to ensure influencer trips create the right kind of attention for your country, state, county or city. Whether it’s building travel itineraries or ensuring social media content deliverables are met, DCI provides detailed guidance that translates awareness into actual visitors and talent.

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