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Development Counsellors International (DCI) is the leader in travel marketing and economic development marketing, increasing visitors and business inquiries for destinations around the globe.

Ted Levine founded DCI in 1960 with a vision. He recognized early on the ability for place marketing — through the dual engines of tourism and economic development — to bring jobs, open doors, and elevate the lives of the people living and working in those places.

We continue to pursue that purpose today and have worked with more than 500 cities, regions, states, and countries to attract both investors and visitors.

But there’s more to the story.

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We recognize that what we do goes beyond just headlines. By shaping and telling our clients’ stories, we help create prosperity and growth in their communities, which ultimately benefits the lives of thousands of people who call these places home.

Perhaps this seems a bit lofty or idealistic. But consider this: Each year, our travel and economic development clients help create hundreds of jobs by bringing investment – in the form of visitor dollars or manufacturing facilities, for example – to their communities, often raising one generation from poverty into the middle class, increasing citizens’ quality of life, and opening doors for the next generation to pursue higher education and become part of a skilled workforce.

If we can augment this type of work through successful place marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients, we think we have, as Ted would say, done well by doing good.

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Our Locations

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New York

New York

(212) 444-7123
215 Park Ave S
FL 14
New York, NY 10003

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(303) 627-0272
2420 17th St
STE 200
Denver, CO 80202

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(647) 276-1917

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Los Angeles


(818) 688-3010

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Our Values

  1. Be a Knowledge Sponge
  2. Keep Promises
  3. Embrace a Passion for Places
  4. Share Your Talents
  5. Pursue Happiness
  6. Champion Equity & Inclusion
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Andy Levine

Chairman [email protected]

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