Diversity Commitment

DCI is committed to elevating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the tourism and economic development industries.

DCI’s commitment to DEI is central to the agency culture. We see diversity as a core value; in fact, one of our company values is to champion equity and inclusion efforts.

DCI launched its DEI initiative in 2020 to close the opportunity divide and remove roadblocks for BIPOC to enter and grow in our agency. We seek to match the U.S. Census in terms of racial and ethnic demographics by 2025.

DCI prioritizes a more equitable workplace through six pillars: Hiring & Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, Professional Development, Partnerships, DCI Cares (volunteering) and Agency Culture. DCI champions DEI among clients by lifting up diverse voices and encouraging a social justice lens with marketing work.

DCI is also committed to supporting DEI in the tourism and economic development industries at large, helping to launch initiatives such as IEDC’s Equity in Economic Development Fellowship program.

Fast Facts

  • Best Internal DEI Initiative

    Recognized by Diversity Action Alliance in the 2022 Boutique Agency Category.

  • 480 Hours

    DCI logged hundreds of hours of time officially dedicated to DEI in 2022.

  • More Than Half

    More than 50% of DCI staff contribute to our DEI pillars annually in various ways.

  • 105 Media Placements

    Top placements secured in 2022 celebrate DEI in our client communities.

  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Professional Development
  • Partnerships
  • DCI Cares
  • Agency Culture
Hiring & Recruitment
Pillar 1: Hiring & Recruitment

DCI seeks and embraces a diverse workforce.

DCI is an equal opportunity employer and has taken a Diversity Pledge to ensure our agency is advancing racial justice, identifying unconscious bias, educating our staff, and using our place marketing platform to advocate for change. As part of our Hiring & Recruitment pillar, DCI aims to close the opportunity divide for BIPOC, remove roadblocks preventing diverse talent from finding opportunities at DCI, and continue inspiring our staffers. We welcome applicants no matter their ability, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status to DCI. Click below to learn more about career opportunities at DCI.

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Sales & Marketing
Pillar 2: Sales & Marketing

DCI ensures representation across marketing materials and vendors.

As part of our Sales & Marketing pillar, we aim to display and pursue more diverse representation across our sales and marketing efforts. DCI’s leadership team conducts regular audits of its sales and marketing materials to fight inequity and ensure that diverse representation is reflected in all aspects of our company culture. Additionally, we aim to work with vendors with diverse backgrounds and identities and prioritize platforms that align with our diversity efforts.

Professional Development
Pillar 3: Professional Development

DCI keeps staff members up to date on DEI.

A core part of our diversity initiatives is providing training and education resources to our staff that help us to identify and combat our own unconscious bias and champion diversity, equity and inclusion in our personal and professional lives. Each year, DCI holds an all-staff training to that end. Additionally, through our partnerships, we have access to webinars, forums, courses and other educational resources that we distribute to staff to expose them to different perspectives. Click below to learn more about opportunities at DCI.

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Pillar 4: Partnerships

DCI fosters relationships with industry partners to advance DEI.

As part of our Partnerships pillar, DCI maintains relationships with industry DEI organizations such as Diversity Action Alliance (DAA), a coalition of Public Relations and communications leaders joining forces to accelerate progress in the achievement of meaningful and tangible results in DEI, and Black Travel Alliance (BTA), a professional non-profit organization created in 2020 to encourage, educate, equip and excel Black travel professionals. Through our partnership with DAA, we submit our staff demographic data to the organization on annual basis and participate in educational programming and information sharing. With BTA, we partner with BTA content creators to tell our client destination stories. DCI also maintains partnerships with the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and Destinations International. Notably, we were part of the launch of IEDC’s Equity in Economic Development Fellowship program.

DCI Cares
Pillar 5: DCI Cares

DCI actively gives back to the community.

The DCI Cares initiative is DCI’s way of giving back and using our staff resources to advance important causes. Through our DEI program, we have reframed DCI Cares to ensure that we are using a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion when evaluating causes that we support. Each year, DCI holds an all-staff volunteer opportunity, typically held in the major markets where our staff resides: New York City, Denver and Toronto. Previously, DCI partnered with Girls For A Change to provide pro-bono professional development sessions to young Black girls about careers in marketing.

Agency Culture
Pillar 6: Agency Culture

DCI constantly builds an inclusive workplace.

DCI’s goal with the Agency Culture pillar of our DEI program is to understand current culture and biases that exist and construct a program to improve our work environment. Senior leadership has launched multiple initiatives to support the ongoing integration of DEI into our agency culture, including annual staff surveys, our Connectivity Committee, which plans opportunities for staff to connect, share idea and resources and strengthen our connectivity across hybrid and remote staff, as well as a planned mentorship program, which will seek to provide opportunities for staff to grow and seek guidance through someone apart from their manager. Click below to learn more about opportunities at DCI.

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