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As the leader in marketing places, DCI’s work must be rooted in research.

DCI begins any client engagement with customized qualitative and quantitative research and perception studies among key target audiences to gain first-hand, unbiased insights. Whether the team is conducting tourism research, economic development research or talent attraction/consumer marketing research, DCI’s research team knows the key audiences to be targeted, the questions to ask and how to use these insights to effectively to inform clients’ marketing, branding and public relations strategies. DCI’s research team manages all phases of the research process for clients – creating the initial strategic concept, implementation, analysis and presenting the final insights document.

DCI is a recognized thought leader in the economic development, tourism and talent attraction service areas and conducts original research to highlight emerging industry trends.

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DCI wants to conduct economic development, talent attraction and tourism research for you. DCI's research team knows the key audiences, questions to ask and how to use these insights to inform your branding, public relations and marketing strategies.

Robyn Domber

Senior Vice President, Research
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