Site Selection Consultant Marketing

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Reach and build relationships with an influential audience.

Site selection consultants, also known as site selectors or location advisors, help companies with location decisions. Think of them as the matchmakers between a company and a place across the site selection process including location strategy, labor force demographic analytics, real estate acquisition, economic incentives negotiations and economic development consulting.

With over 60 years of experience, DCI has developed deep connections with leading site selection firms and the industry’s top professionals. DCI’s network and expertise uniquely position clients to reach this key audience with tailored strategies to build long-term relationships.

  • Familiarization (FAM) Tours
  • Networking Luncheons and Dinners
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Advisory Boards
  • Conference Strategy and Execution
Familiarization (FAM) Tours
FAM Tour Execution

Bring site selectors to your community.

DCI is your partner in strategizing, structuring, and executing high-impact familiarization tours. DCI regularly invites and secures small groups of top site selectors to experience client regions first-hand and nurture long-lasting relationships.

DCI designs FAM tours to showcase your community’s top business assets, elevate key messages through the perspective of political, business, and academic leaders, and demonstrate your team’s ability to partner with site consultants.

Networking Luncheons and Dinners
Luncheon and Dinner Strategies

Host small groups for intimate networking.

DCI taps into its deep network of corporate site selection consultants and knowledge of their target areas of focus to build an intimate guest list that matches your community’s industries and goals.

From start to finish, DCI manages venue selection and coordination, develops the invitation and conducts outreach, and creates a run of show that preps your team to best showcase your community and build relationships.

One-on-One Meetings
Connect Virtually or In-Person

Meet site selectors one-on-one.

DCI arranges one-on-one in-person or virtual meetings with individual site selection consultants for economic developers to bring them up to speed on what’s happening in the community.

Advisory Boards
Harness Site Selector Intelligence

Build an advisory board of trusted site selectors

Advisory boards composed of a small group of site selection consultants give economic development organizations a sounding board for their business strategy, sales tactics, marketing and overall industry trends.

In this site selector service, DCI helps clients strategize the goals for their advisory board, prioritize discussion topics and set an agenda that will deepen site selector relationships and result in the cultivation of ambassadors for the client, in addition to curating the invitation lists and conducting outreach to secure participants.

Conference Strategy and Execution
Maximize Conference ROI

Embrace a solid industry conference engagement strategy.

Site selection conferences are a great way for economic development organizations to connect and build relationships with location advisors. DCI helps clients vet the conference opportunities hosted by the Site Selectors Guild, Consultant Connect, CoreNet Global, Area Development and more that best align with their goals and resources.

DCI also helps clients maximize their presence at conferences. Whether designing program ads, advising on the attending site selection consultants to target or planning a memorable dinner with site selectors at a conference, DCI’s mix of site selection expertise and creative services tee clients up to get the highest return on investment for their conference engagements.

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From organizing familiarization tours to hosting networking luncheons, DCI is here to help you strategize your site selector outreach.

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