Media Buying

DCI’s digital media buying programs increase market awareness of client destinations as leading locations for business, talent and visitors.

Destinations buy media for economic development, talent attraction, and visitor augmentation, and DCI knows how to optimize that ad spend. The agency has developed and refined a powerful and effective media buying strategy through traditional formats and digital channels. DCI reaches corporate executives, a potential workforce and visitors alike via digital and print advertising in a way that eliminates waste and attracts even niche target audiences to achieve campaign goals. Volume alone is not the goal, but rather DCI’s media buying team’s focus is on relevancy and the ability to generate optimal conversion rate behavior on your website through a customized media buying process.

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Digital Advertising
Spend Less, Get More

DCI leverages digital media buying to generate results across advertising spaces.

DCI sets foundational steps to ensure success of the program and the ability to report back the impact we’ve had. Each digital ad program starts with an account setup to get our team access to clients’ assets and an analytics review fine tunes tracking measures across all relevant platforms, including social media. DCI designs a reporting dashboard on Google Data Studio for each client to track performance across channels.

DCI’s paid media strategies include paid search, paid social and retargeting display to optimize ad placements. DCI also works with clients on account based marketing plan and implementation strategies, fostering conversations that ensure all marketing and business development are in sync.

See how DCI’s paid media strategies paid off in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Microsite Development
Track Traffic, Drive Engagement

DCI creates a place where we can track conversions.

When working with clients, we will review your landing pages where the media buying team can drive digital traffic and increase brand awareness. If the pages on your current site don’t prompt visitors of desired demographics to take actions that are indicative of additional interest, DCI will work with you to develop a new user experience to help drive the biggest engagement of the right audience through tailored programming. DCI’s media buying team can either do this by using the proprietary custom landing page product or working with your development team to achieve optimization for conversion among your target market.

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Media Buying
Purchase Space, Sell Ideas

DCI negotiates ad space with key media partners.

DCI has developed strong relationships with key publishers and OTAs as a strategic way to help clients bolster their digital media buying efforts with strategic messaging on relevant sites and in print. Traditional media outlets are still viable media platforms to share messaging! Depending on the marketing goals, our media buying team can work to create sponsored content, develop assets – for both print and online advertising – and negotiate the media buys on your behalf across media channels.

DCI’s media buyers have worked with key publications and OTAs in the past including The Wall Street Journal, Business Facilities, Forbes, Foundry, GEN, Chief Executive and Expedia.

First Party Data & Analytics
Secure Data, Unlock Results

Ensuring clients’ data and reporting needs are met.

With an emphasis on privacy and cookies becoming obsolete, it is imperative that EDOs, IPAs and DMOs ensure that they are collecting and reporting on data leveraging an ethical data collection framework. With DCI, clients have a team of analytics experts who are constantly providing re insights and best practices to ensure clients understand how to collect data online and offline and comply with data protection laws.

DCI works with clients to set up and maintain consent management systems that ensure global compliance and are leveraging first-party data, while also setting up custom analytics platforms so that clients can measure and track the correct metrics and KPIs to help inform data-driven decisions. In addition, DCI’s media buying team provides custom dashboards featuring automation so that clients can understand the performance of their digital programs on their own terms.

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