Hospitality Investment Attraction

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Boost tourism investment opportunities from hotels and infrastructure with DCI’s expertise.

Hotel assets can be the deciding factor for both leisure and business travelers when choosing a destination, making hospitality investment attraction a vital component of a destination’s strategy. Mapping a strategic approach for hospitality investment ensures that the right infrastructure and hotel brands are in place to grow a destination’s visitor economy with increased occupancy. More hotel rooms also lead to more bookings, which ultimately supports the business case for increased air service.

Hotel business attraction is a vital component to building a prosperous future and DCI’s team provides the tools necessary to achieve it.

  • Advice and Counsel
  • Hotel Attraction 101
  • Discovery Sessions and Market Assessment
  • Investment Strategy Implementation
Advice and Counsel
Let's Check in

DCI sets the tone for successful Hospitality Investment Attraction

DCI gets you started with reviews and recommendations to attract investment for the hospitality industry. We provide leadership and advisement along with access to our networks to facilitate relationship introductions from hotel companies to commercial real estate professionals. We’ll prepare workshops and secure speaking engagements, even training your team as needed to better understand the hotel industry and real estate questions.

Hotel Attraction 101
Learn and Engage

DCI provides hotel development knowledge to lay a strong foundation.

Educate your team on why developing a plan for attracting branded accommodations and hotel investment is a key ingredient in supporting a destination’s goals. Learn who to attract to these discussions and why, including hotel investors, stakeholders and partners. DCI will define the stages to create a vision for long-term profitability, collaboration and success.

Discovery Sessions and Market Assessment
Know Where You Stand

DCI develops research to know what you need to succeed in the hotel market.

Together with DCI, evaluate your current situation through initiatives including destination benchmarking, SWOT analysis, and gap analysis. During the discovery session, DCI will interview DMO members, economic development teams, stakeholders, leadership, and partners like hoteliers and hotel management. The focus can be refined through perception surveys that help identify short and long-term goals to enhance a destination’s competitiveness in the hospitality sector.

Investment Strategy Implementation
Take Action Together

DCI puts your plan into motion to attract hospitality investment fast.

DCI helps identify measurable goals, designate accountability, and establish protocols. We will project manage the implementation to ensure the best possible results for your hospitality investment attraction program. DCI’s team will deliver metrics and other fundamentals to monitor and understand your hotel real estate investment projects as they unfold.

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DCI’s hospitality investment attraction program is a powerful tool to increase destinations’ tourism profile. Work with us to make sure your new hotel investment approach is reaching its full potential.

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Senior Director
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