Travel Trade Marketing

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DCI has cultivated relationships with top-tier wholesalers, tour operators, travel agents and airlines ensuring efficient and streamlined working relationships with new destination clients.

DCI travel trade brings a robust toolkit of industry connections with international travel advisors, travel agencies and other travel professionals; a strategy informed by original research to enhance product distribution among wholesalers; and, air service opportunities through critical analysis, relationship building and strategic planning. We implement trade events, roadshows, and familiarization programs while negotiating co-op marketing partnerships and staffing trade show activations.

DCI travel trade events connect clients with decision-makers across the tourism industry by knowing the receptive tour operators and travel agents who sell to high-yield consumers. And, by embracing transparency and sustainability to build lasting travel industry relationships and increased sales and arrivals. 

  • Familiarization Programs
  • Special Event Sponsorship
  • Trade Show Campaigns
  • Trade Partnerships
  • Travel Trade Education
  • Air Service Development
Familiarization Programs
Show Them Why

Entice travel trade through FAM trips.

DCI guides destinations as they build familiarization programs to create increased awareness among the travel trade. We work together to build itineraries, work with your partners, and invite the most pertinent travel trade professionals to experience your destination.

Special Event Sponsorship
Plan With Us

Think outside the box for events.

Whether it’s a dinner for travel advisors or something more grandiose, DCI works step by step with clients to organize special events to engage the travel trade. Together, we create memorable moments that will help keep your destination top of mind among travel advisors and tour operators alike.

Trade Show Campaigns
Keep Yourself Visible

Be part of the show circuit with DCI’s help.

DCI keeps a busy calendar for its clients, organizing appearances and staffing stands for destinations at the most important trade shows around North America. We make sure our client destinations are represented at key events, helping to keep them front and center for sellers in target markets.

Trade Partnerships
Strengthen Your Ties

Cement trade partnerships through DCI’s network.

DCI brings its vast network of travel trade professionals to the table. We’ll make the introductions for you so you can avoid scouring LinkedIn for travel advisors and other trade professionals. Spend less time wondering who to connect with and more time positioning your destination in front of receptive audiences vetted by DCI’s team.

Travel Trade Education
Pass the Test

Let DCI teach you the ABCs of the travel trade.

Whether it’s a lesson on how to run a successful webinar or a presentation on how to write a travel trade newsletter, DCI can share its insider knowledge to get your destination acting proactively on its own. Our team organizes learning events and workshops to share our knowledge to reach our shared goals of maximizing visibility and connecting with the travel trade.

Air Service Development
Take Off With Us

DCI will help steer you in the right direction.

DCI Tourism are experts in the aviation sector and can offer everything from airline industry connections and counsel to strategy, market research and business case development. Using the foundational inputs, DCI will identify priority airlines and markets to set clear objectives. This includes establishing priorities, key messaging and air carrier meeting agendas to set new route development goals and bolster a positive economic impact. DCI Tourism will also implement strategy to develop airline specific business cases with clearly articulated route opportunities in support of airline discussions to influence air carrier decisions such as capacity growth and additional service of non-stop flights.

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Reach out to discuss strategies that will enhance your brand’s presence among the travel trade, and ultimately land more visitors to experience your destination.

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