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DCI’s Placemaking PR will land your destination in the headlines of top tier media outlets.

Telling destinations’ stories through tourism public relations and economic development PR efforts is DCI’s main mission. By securing earned media for a destination, DCI plays an important role in bettering local communities and stakeholders in a destination.

With superb networks of national, international and regional media across lifestyle, business and tourism industry outlets, DCI’s public relations agency supports your placemaking PR efforts no matter the goal. Journalists are saturated daily with hundreds of press announcements from the travel industry while digital influencers partnerships evolve constantly. DCI cuts through the noise, customizes destinations’ story angles and pitches compelling stories that get content creators’ attention.

  • Press and Influencer Trips
  • Pitching Travel Media
  • Media Appointments
  • Crisis Management
  • Economic Development Media
  • Talent Attraction PR
Press and Influencer Trips
Offer the Right Experiences

DCI knows what media professionals want when in a destination.

Together, DCI helps destinations build tailored press trips for journalists and social media influencers covering travel, lifestyle, and business topics. From itinerary ideation to personalized invitations, DCI’s agency professionals make sure no minute – or dollar – is wasted during these important experiences.

Pitching Travel Media
Provide the Right Angles

DCI knows how to develop travel PR pitches that get results.

Destinations need to know how to approach the media when sharing their press releases and news. DCI has decades of tourism PR experience doing just that, understanding the subtleties of pitching all different kinds of travel media to share a destination’s message for target audiences and potential travelers.

See how DCI’s tourism PR team reached 30 million travelers for Visit Monaco.

Media Appointments
Make the Right Connections

DCI connects you to the media for deskside appointments, both virtual and in-person.

Don’t wait for the media to come to you. With DCI’s curated list of media contacts developed over the years, destinations can schedule media appointments with writers and bloggers covering business development or hospitality industry. Share news and stories directly with media gatekeepers in New York and other markets.

Crisis Management
Craft the Right Response

DCI helps you navigate challenging situations with responses that keep you afloat.

Whether it’s a global health emergency, a natural disaster, or something else entirely unforeseen, good destination marketing requires your team to be prepared to respond. DCI is your partner in building a crisis communication strategy and knowing exactly what to do when a crisis hits.

Economic Development Media
Reach the Right Outlets

DCI reaches beyond business media to tell economic development stories.

DCI’s economic development PR team has a rich network of journalists to cover business and development angles, thinking outside the box to lifestyle media outlets and influencer marketing as well. Placemaking is about how a destination’s DNA develops over time with investment and growth, and DCI helps share these stories however possible.

Learn how DCI’s PR team arranged major media tours for the Port of Long Beach.

Talent Attraction PR
Encourage Big Moves

Today’s visitor is tomorrow's talent, and DCI helps position destinations as magnets for new talent.

Most PR agencies know the role of public relations is to make a destination look attractive, but DCI realized quickly that it’s key to look beyond just the tourism board. By sharing stories targeting the ever-growing population of workers seeking new homes, DCI’s talent attraction PR is helping destinations turn visitors into new community members. DCI’s talent attraction PR strategies focus on three primary storytelling pillars: lifestyle, quality of life and jobs & careers.

Explore DCI’s Talent Attraction practice.

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For economic development, talent attraction, and tourism public relations efforts, DCI’s team is a key partner for any destination worldwide. Reach North American media outlets through a tailored media relations and marketing strategy with DCI.

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