Talent Attraction Marketing

Locations across the globe are facing fierce competition to attract and retain talent in their regions.

DCI’s combined expertise in economic development and tourism allows us to promote our clients as both hubs for job opportunities and amazing places to live. Whether it’s media relations or website development, our talent attraction marketing work is informed by our knowledge of what people look for in jobs and communities, as discovered in our seminal research report, “Talent Wars.” Our talent attraction marketing programs craft strategies and messages that spotlight what matters most to workers.

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Talent Wars 2020

Economic Development

Virtual Career Fairs 101: An Economic Developers’ Guide to Making Online Talent Matches

Economic Development

The Great Talent Pivot: Tools and Tactics that Place Marketers Can Do Right Now

Rebecca Gehman

Managing Director, Talent Attraction (973) 800 - 3306 [email protected]

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