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Shining a Spotlight on a Tech Talent Hub

While Tulsa, Oklahoma, is known for its historic oil and gas industries, today it is home to a booming tech scene. With talent and startups flocking to the city, Tulsa sought to elevate its profile as a hub for innovation and economic activity on a national level.

The Challenge

As Tulsa, Oklahoma, diversified its economy from oil and gas while creating economic opportunity for all residents, it sought to show business leaders and site selection consultants its business assets, skilled workforce, and welcoming entrepreneurial spirit. Having successfully fostered a tech ecosystem with initiatives and partnerships supportive of small businesses, tech talent, and entrepreneurs, the city looked to solidify its standing as a hub for economic growth and innovation at the national level.

The Solution

DCI developed an integrated paid media and public relations campaign targeting business executives in tech hubs like San Francisco and Austin. DCI placed 75 stories in top-tier national and trade media outlets, including Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Business Journals, connecting Tulsa's mayor and economic development leaders to top-tier press, including Bloomberg, Reuters, and The New York Times. As a marketing tool, our digital advertising campaigns exceeded industry benchmarks for corporate executive engagement on Google and social media sites like LinkedIn and nationally solidified the economic impact of the city’s tech industry.

The Results

  • Top-Tier Coverage

    75 stories across outlets like Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Business Journals.

  • In a New York Minute

    An NYC media tour connected Tulsa's economic development and gov leaders, including the mayor, to top-tier press.

  • High-Profile Media Visits

    Three media visits to the Tulsa region secured stories in Forbes, Governing, and Cafe Mocha TV.

  • Paid Media That Paid Off

    Digital advertising campaigns exceeded industry benchmarks for engagement.

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