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DCI worked with travel and lifestyle media outlets to increase brand awareness for France-based Click&Boat, dubbed the AirBnB of boat rentals, when the company expanded its presence in the United States. 

Our award-winning PR agency created engaging storylines to pique the interest of top-tier U.S. media. Using our experience and know-how, our travel industry PR campaign secured earned editorial coverage for Click&Boat on broadcast, print and digital platforms and boosted consumer awareness and bookings. 

The Challenge

Although Click&Boat had a strong connection to the U.S. boating industry through its partnership with Miami-based BoatsGroup, most U.S. consumers were unaware of the brand or its services. Airbnb and VRBO had solid footing in the homestay market, and both companies were gaining ground with the recent offering of boat rentals on their platforms. In addition, travel industry competitors, such as Sailo and Boatsetter, had more visibility and name recognition in the United States because of their aggressive tourism marketing strategies and media outreach.

The Solution

Before our tourism PR experts could tell the right stories, we needed to arm ourselves with the right research. DCI’s research team conducted a media audit to assess how was portrayed in both regional and national media during the previous 12 to 18 months and how it compared with competing travel brands. We overlayed these findings with SEO keyword research and an on-page/off-page analysis to determine the types of content and themes that drive target audience traffic and engagement to Click&Boat’s website. By using this digital marketing data, we then developed a PR strategy that included an internal pitch calendar designed to increase editorial coverage that would drive traffic to

The Results

  • 75.3 Million Impressions

    Landed through 158 media coverage results within the first six months of the program.

  • Click&Boat Featured In Leading Lifestyle & Travel Media

    Such as Bloomberg, Forbes and Sunset Magazine, establishing it as a leader in U.S. boat charters and the tourism industry.

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