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ABM strategy in the Sunshine State.

DCI’s digital marketing team implemented an account-based marketing strategy that specifically targeted companies with simulation, training and modeling operations to make them aware of the unique specialty that existed in Orlando, Florida.

The Challenge

More than just the happiest place on earth, Orlando offers proximity to top-notch education, skilled workers and a low tax climate. The unique specialty that existed in Orlando was going unnoticed and that needed to change.

The Solution

DCI developed a specialized economic development account-based marketing campaign that conducted outreach and paid advertising to target accounts in the U.S. and abroad. With a hyper-focused marketing strategy targeting key accounts in the U.S. and abroad, our team’s ABM program and initiatives were able to secure five qualified meetings with interested companies in as many months.

The Results

  • Five Qualified Meetings

    with interested companies in five months generated from the ABM campaign, including paid marketing channels like LinkedIn.

  • 160,000+ Impressions

    and 2,800+ clicks to highly curated target audience of innovation executives through DCI’s B2B marketing efforts.

  • 90%+ Efficiency

    in targeting high-value decision makers in key site selection-related roles.

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