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When Northgate Resorts, a leader in the outdoor hospitality industry, launched its first in a new line of full-service camping retreats targeting millennials, DCI created a hospitality public relations campaign to garner the attention of top-tier media outlets and influencers. 

Through this partnership with Northgate Resorts, our hospitality PR firm engaged with the media several months before the launch of Camp Fimfo to engage the press with compelling stories to “sell” the experience of this new and unknown concept. Outreach messaging and initiatives also needed to reiterate that Camp Fimfo was a place travelers could feel safe and confident staying at with their families during the pandemic. 

The Challenge

Camp Fimfo, a new concept from Northgate Resorts, opened its first location in New Braunfels, Texas, in late spring 2021 — during the height of the pandemic. Because Camp Fimfo was a new and unfamiliar lifestyle brand, our public relations agency was tasked with establishing key messaging and developing story angles that were easily digestible and appealing to the media outlets and consumers during a global health crisis.

The Solution

Before, during and after Camp Fimfo’s initial launch, our results-driven PR agency strategically positioned the resort as a safe place for family vacations, reiterating its expansive outdoor setting and natural climate for social distancing. Because consumers were yearning for simpler, less complicated times, DCI’s marketing strategy leaned into Camp Fimfo as a place of nostalgia that evoked childhood memories of camping: a place where travelers could share family traditions with their children. The story angles and strategic communications resonated and resulted in extensive media coverage that boosted brand awareness and drove bookings.

The Results

  • 88.7 Million Impressions

    Landed through 104 media placements within one year

  • Sold-out opening weekend

    Despite limited photography to “sell” the experience

  • 50 percent more bookings in 2022

    More than Northgate Resorts’ highest-performing property located in a similar market

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