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When Flims LAAX Falera (LAAX) sought to increase awareness and destination consideration from North America, the company turned to DCI to design and implement its travel trade marketing strategy.

DCI conducted a distribution analysis to understand the state of the market related to tour inclusions to LAAX. The study identified tour operators that already were selling LAAX and that were prospects to sell the LAAX summer and winter experiences to their clients who were considering European vacations. An East Coast sales mission connected LAAX with these entities to augment their awareness of LAAX offerings, discuss product development and partnership opportunities and incentivize sales.

The Challenge

Although recognized throughout Europe as a leading winter ski destination and burgeoning outdoor adventure summer escape, LAAX was virtually unrecognized in the North American market. To increase market share among affluent Americans who were considering a European vacation, LAAX needed to define a market position and educate the trades that were selling to these prospective travelers.

The Solution

DCI conducted research to identify LAAX’s current position in the U.S. marketplace. Based on this research, we identified the travel retailers most likely to have the clientele who would be interested in the outdoor adventure experiences LAAX offered in summer or in the ski experiences offered in winter. DCI then organized a series of sales meetings for LAAX representatives to educate retailers about the LAAX experience, how it differed from its competitive set and incentivizing retailers for selling the LAAX experience to American clients.


  • North American Sales Strategy

    DCI identified the appropriate consortia, tour operators and travel retailers to discuss product development and joint promotional efforts.

  • Consortia Partnership Meetings

    DCI arranged meetings to discuss partnership opportunities that increase visibility and consideration among affiliated travel advisors.

  • Travel Retailer Meetings

    DCI arranged meetings for LAAX to educate travel retailers about its summer and winter experiences and discuss the sales strategy.

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