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DCI helped elevate Oklahoma through customized business development market research.

In addition to expertise in site selection and corporate investment trends, Oklahoma needed customized market research to guide its business recruitment and marketing plan. DCI partnered to lead a comprehensive market research study to help the state better position itself among key target audiences.

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The Challenge

DCI believes that marketing programs should be rooted in different types of market research, including in-depth primary research. While Oklahoma boasts a pro-business development climate with competitive operating costs, the state lacked baseline metrics on perceptions among corporate and small business decision makers – crucial to define its competitive advantage. Understanding how the state was portrayed in the media and how its business decisions stacks up against competitors helped guide future marketing strategy and partnerships.

The Solution

To conduct market research, DCI analyzed competitors, held perception studies, and led media audits and focus groups. These tactics established baseline metrics and determined the top perceptions and misperceptions of the state as a new market opportunity to invest, live and work among respondents in the target market. Internal and external perception study findings provided benchmark measurements while summary of target audiences’ “path to purchase” identified the factors of most importance during relocation decisions.

The Results

  • Defined Core Brand Attributes

    and data-based “reasons to believe” in Oklahoma for new business.

  • Developed Baseline Metrics

    and key measurements to track future marketing efforts.

  • Customer Journey Map

    defined motivations, perceptions and preferences of key audiences.

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