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DCI increase visitor arrivals to Namibia by boosting Namibia’s brand awareness.

Namibia tourism was relatively unknown to North American travelers, who were more familiar with South Africa, Morocco and Egypt as tourism destinations. DCI developed a training and public relations program to help bring economic development to local communities.

The Challenge

Namibia was determined to enhance the quality of life for its citizens by finding a market for its African tourism experiences in North America. Although home to a dozen national parks, the challenge was that Namibia was virtually unknown among North American travelers. DCI’s research and marketing teams sought to build and grow a brand for Namibia tourism.

The Solution

DCI’s comprehensive research led to developing key messages that made Namibia stand out among its African competitor destinations. Through effective positioning of the country’s conservation efforts, Namibia grew in competitiveness among African countries like Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania, earning coverage in the media that led to more arrivals. The initiative also trained 150+ locals to meet the needs of North American visitors.

The Results

  • 150+ Trainees

    in Namibia were educated by DCI’s campaign to meet American travelers’ needs.

  • 45% More Awareness

    as a conservation destination among media in two years.

  • 115+ Media Impressions

    from editorial placements like National Geographic Traveler valued $13+ million.

  • 4% Spending Increase

    from Americans in Namibia with a 30% increase in first-time arrivals.

DCI’s research positioned Namibia’s tourism product in the North American market; the agency then leveraged their connections with the press to generate positive editorial coverage for Namibia, which increases consumer awareness and generates travel bookings.

Leila Calnan Former Director North American Destination Marketing (NADM) Campaign

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