Web-to-Leads offers a peek behind the curtain of your website, revealing companies—both new business and existing industry prospects—that are actively seeking information online about your community for their next project and otherwise would remain invisible to your organization.

Imagine a group of executives walking into Nordstrom. Maybe each one knows exactly what he or she wants, or perhaps they’re just perusing. Either way, it’s common for customer service to ask them if they need assistance, right? In response, one or two may accept the overture while others refuse it, but you’ve made the offer and they all know who to contact if there’s a question. The bottom line: at that point it’s up to each executive to share (or not) the details of their purchasing intent.

Now replace Nordstrom with your website. That’s Web-to-Leads in a nutshell. It allows you the opportunity to engage with individuals quietly expressing interest in your community. It also provides critical intelligence that makes your business development team smarter.


The Technology

We spent six months testing various lead capture software for economic development to ensure we had “best-in-class” technology at an affordable cost. It had to be user-friendly, integrate with multiple CRMs and email clients, and most importantly outperform the competition. We then added the human element—analyzing the droves of data to find real project opportunities through a jungle of Internet service providers, and then acting upon it. In the end, we’ve developed a full web-to-leads solution from soup to nuts to beef up the lead generation process and deliver quality opportunities for your team.


Ready for a Test Drive!

We start you out with a two-week trial to ensure this is a mutual fit. Why? Without enough volume, you don’t receive the value you deserve and that makes us both look bad. We currently offer this to multiple clients at the county, regional, state and country level, so we have witnessed its success across multiple tiers. If the trial checks out, we can get started identifying prospects immediately.

Best of all, successful or not, the trial is likely to shed light on something about your website that you didn’t already know. We’d love to discuss what a program looks like for you!

Request a Free Two-Week Trial


Not Ready Yet?

Check out our web design and content services as an initial step in making your website more than simply a source of knowledge about your community, but a lead generator. Or visit our lead generation page to find out other ways we can help you attract investment projects.


For Web-to-Leads Inquiries
Steve Duncan, Director, Lead Generation
(303) 455 9464


“DCI has helped us to develop highly effective and customized strategies not only to reach more customers, but also to target our efforts in a precise and cost-efficient manner as we continue our efforts to serve the Garden State business community.”

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