Capturing the Canadian Consumer 2020

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Canadian flags

Insights into the Path to Purchase for Canadian Travelers

Second Edition

USD $450.00

As Canadians increasingly become the North Americans that destinations worldwide want to attract during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery phase, DCI’s new study offers the insight needed to capture this unique market.

Take this opportunity to hear directly from Canadian consumers about the habits and preferences along their “path to purchase” for international leisure travel. This study delves into the travel preferences and behaviors of affluent Canadian travelers, a segment with historically limited research. It also delineates some differences between predominantly French-speaking and English-speaking consumers, as well.

The study explores the preferences of Canada’s consumers holistically, including responses from:

  • 1,500 Canadian residents, a sample statistically representative of Canada’s population
  • Those who have traveled internationally within the previous 18 months
  • 500+ responses from households with incomes of $250,000+
  • Both French and English-speaking respondents
  • A look at post-COVID behavior

The full report will offer substantial data concerning facets of Canadian travel habits, with topics including, but not limited to:

  • What inspires Canadians to research a trip
  • How they’ll travel – car, short haul, long haul – after borders reopen
  • How Canadians will spend their travel dollars
  • The platforms they will use to conduct their research
  • How they’ll book international leisure travel

View a sample of the 2020 Edition of the Study

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