Capturing the Canadian Consumer

Insights into the Path to Purchase for Canadian Travelers

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Product Description: PDF Report, 39 Pages, Color Design with Charts and Graphs, Full Data Appendix

This study provides destinations, and the organizations that represent them, a unique opportunity to hear directly from Canadian consumers.

Capturing the Canadian Consumer: Insights into the Path to Purchase for Canadian Travelers, provides insight into the habits and preferences of Canadian travelers along their “path to purchase” for international leisure travel. This study also delves into the travel preferences and activities of affluent Canadian travelers, a segment with historically limited research.

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  • Home Province Matters: This study profiles the provincial differences in where Canadians travel, when they go, and how long they stay. It also calls out the variations in travel patterns and preferences between English and French-speaking Canadians.
  • Age Matters: This study outlines what motivates Canadians in each generation to travel, and how they are inspired to travel via different marketing methods. It provides DMOs with insight into the research and planning timelines of consumers in each generation, while indicating the difference in the types of experiences they seek.
  • Income Matters: This study demonstrates the significant differences in travel patterns between Canada’s affluent households (annual income more than CA$200,000) and its more moderate income earning citizens, and the types of trips they are more likely to take.

Within each segment – home province, age, income – this study will show consumers’ preferred booking methods, destination choices for future trips, and the experiences they are most interested in pursuing.

A full appendix is included, allowing destinations to view data points by home province, age and income. This will provide destination marketing organizations with the proof-points they need to customize their marketing programs in Canada.

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