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DCI Positioned Puerto Rico as the place to invest, grow and create new business.

Following several natural disasters, Invest Puerto Rico needed initiatives to rehabilitate its image in the business community as a leader in reshoring and logistics, among other sectors. Our business development team at DCI used their know-how and inundated business decision makers in key sectors with multi-channel marketing strategies and business development advertising.

The Challenge

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, sentiment dropped among business leaders about Puerto Rico. Much of the physical damage to the business community was repaired by late 2021 but the reputation was still in tatters among target audiences. Puerto Rico needed a marketing plan to attract new clients and new opportunities to help revive business opportunities for its communities.

The Solution

In October 2021, our advertising agency launched multifaceted blitz marketing efforts to reposition Puerto Rico for new business development. Our marketing team used their years of experience and saturated the Internet and beyond with the virtues of running a business in Puerto Rico. Programmatic, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, radio, out of home and print ads got the message out to business leaders. The public relations outreach earned almost 617,500,000 impressions and reestablished Puerto Rico as the top business destination in the Caribbean.

The Results

  • 1,498% Increase

    in Web Traffic 1,377% increase in sessions and 1,000% increase in pageviews.

  • 617,500,000 Impressions

    earned by public relations outreach campaign.

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