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Awareness of a Growing Life Sciences Industry Boosts Philadelphia’s Economic Development.

DCI partnered with Select Greater Philadelphia, part of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, to raise awareness about its strong life science industry. By showcasing the region’s unique assets, DCI helped generate leads through paid search, sponsored content and collaboration with life sciences publications.

The Challenge

Marketing Philly's life sciences ecosystem, with niche focuses like CGT and immunology, faced challenges in raising awareness among corporate executives and generating high-quality leads for economic growth. Competition with other established biotech clusters required showcasing unique location attributes, such as commercial real estate development, research institutions and workforce development. Additionally, Philadelphia’s economic development strategy needed to differentiate its business community to effectively attract investment and talent within these specialized fields from Pennsylvania and beyond.

The Solution

To effectively market Greater Philadelphia's life sciences ecosystem, DCI embraced a multi-channel approach including economic development account-based marketing. Paid search campaigns targeted relevant keywords to attract corporate executives while sponsored content in reputable life sciences publications showcased the city of Philadelphia's unique assets and incentives. Finally, account-based marketing programs generated earned meetings with companies interested in doing business in the area, engaging business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Results

  • Secured Executive Engagements

    through dozens of meetings with executives looking to expand.

  • Ignited Multi-Channel Responses

    resulting in hundreds of contacts from qualified users.

  • Doubled Engaged Visits

    of qualified users to the Select Greater Philadelphia website.

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