Join Our Team of Placemakers

Development Counsellors International (DCI) is continually looking for bright, engaging individuals

who are curious about the world around them and are interested in pursuing a career in economic development marketing or travel marketing.

At DCI, the best candidates not only have the right skills, but also offer intangible qualities that mesh well with our company culture. Our collegial work atmosphere stems from two things: our passion for people and our passion for places.

Our Values

  • 1. Be a Knowledge Sponge
  • 2. Keep Promises
  • 3. Embrace a Passion for Places
  • 4. Share Your Talents
  • 5. Pursue Happiness
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Employees at DCI are not only colleagues, but are also very often friends outside of the office.

Clients are our customers, but also people with whom we frequently develop long-lasting relationships. And the work we do is not just a job to pay the bills; it’s a fulfilling career in place marketing. These values are reflected by the people currently represented in our marketing firm, where we have a wealth of talent from individuals of all different backgrounds and cultures.

For us, diversity is not just a buzzword, but something we live every day, both within our business and through our work with clients from all over the country and across the world.

If our company sounds like a good fit for your professional aspirations and personality, review our existing opportunities and apply!

Interested candidates are also encouraged to contact DCI’s president, Andy Levine, by email at

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