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NC Triad

Attracting Talent with a Fresh Brand

The Piedmont Triad region was a known innovation hub but lacked recognition for its livability and thriving cultural scene.  Focusing on the central North Carolina location of the Triad, DCI created a new logo and a messaging campaign for the tagline “Find Your Center NC.”

The Opportunity:

The Piedmont Triad Regional Council (PTRC) is responsible for workforce development for a 12-county region in the heart of North Carolina, anchored by three main cities: Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem. Despite the region’s thriving job market, diverse communities, stunning landscapes and enticing arts and culture experiences, the areas had yet to garner recognition as an ideal place to live and work on a national scale.


DCI’s Approach:

DCI developed a six-month integrated branding strategy for PTRC with a focus on talent attraction. DCI recognized opportunities for the region’s growth and developed key messages to highlight what makes the region an attractive location for talent and prospective residents. Through focus groups and research surveys, DCI discovered that “Piedmont” did not resonate with those outside of North Carolina, so we recommended rebranding the region as “NC Triad” to attract and retain talent.



Focusing on the central North Carolina location of the NC Triad, DCI created a new logo and a messaging campaign for the tagline, “Find Your Center NC.” The brand incorporates four main colors which individually represent key regional assets: red, which represents public art, industrial heritage and strength; green, representing the lush landscape of the region; blue, which represents the regional water ways; and navy blue, which ties back to the region’s strong foundation. Brought to life by an all-new website, the new brand is a call to action for people to discover what life can be like at the center of work and life satisfaction in the NC Triad.

Dariel Curren

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