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What People Look for in Jobs and Locations 

Nearly three years after the onset of the pandemic, the world of talent attraction is still reeling from the challenges of the last few years and bracing for a set of new ones. Communities and companies want to know, now more than ever, where and why is talent relocating?  

To get to the bottom of this question, DCI surveyed 1,000 working-age people across the U.S. who recently relocated at least 100 miles from their previous residence to better understand the “path to purchase” in relocation decisions.  

While some findings remain consistent with previous years, others point to an ever-evolving talent landscape, which has been impacted over the last year by the coming surge in Baby Boomer retirement, declining labor force participation rates, massive tech industry layoffs, conflicting sentiment about return-to-office among employers and employees, and inflation, among other factors. 

DCI’s “Talent Wars” aims to uncover how these factors and others are impacting what motivates relocation, how people make relocation decisions, where they look for information, and where they ultimately move. Now in its seventh edition, the report sets out to better understand how to attract, and ultimately retain, talent. DCI offers “Talent Wars” for download free of charge. Simply fill in your information below. 

If you are interested in scheduling a live or virtual presentation of the 2023 research, please see below for details:

  • Virtual Presentation: 45-minute virtual presentation with Q&A and a link to download the report. – $2,500
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  • In-Person Presentation and Custom Workshop: 1-hour in-person presentation and 2-hour in-person custom workshop with your stakeholders and partners following or prior to the presentation. Includes 25 printed copies of the report and a 5-question customized survey. – $8,500 + travel expenses

In addition to our national research, DCI specializes in custom talent target market research to benchmark the perceptions of your region among talent and to identify opportunities for messaging and marketing. DCI also offers tailored “Talent Wars” dataset analysis, among other offerings. If you are interested in discussing your custom talent research or marketing needs, please contact DCI’s VP of Talent Attraction Patience Fairbrother at [email protected]. Visit our Talent Attraction services page to learn more. 

If you are a current DCI client, please reach out to your account lead for help downloading the report or to inquire about the in-person or virtual presentation. 


Talent Wars 2023

What People Look for in Jobs & Locations

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