Talent Wars 2024

DCI Insights Report May 14, 2024
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Due to a perfect storm of demographic and labor force conditions, “talent attraction” has become a common term, no longer used only by human resources professionals, but also by city, region and state leaders to refer to their efforts to grow and retain their working-age population.

But what’s the best way to market to talent to ultimately grow and retain a competitive workforce? Enter DCI’s “Talent Wars,” a comprehensive research study that seeks to provide insights that help places to better compete in the global battle for talent.  

Now in its eighth edition, the report tackles a few hot topics that go beyond our usual line of questioning, such as the priorities of self-identified “blue-collar” vs. “white-collar” talent, generational differences, factors that would encourage those not currently working to re-enter the workforce, the role of politics in relocation and sources that influence perceptions of safety.  

DCI offers “Talent Wars” for download free of charge. Simply fill in your information below. If you are interested in a custom talent attraction presentation, keynote or workshop, please contact DCI’s VP of Talent Attraction Patience Fairbrother at [email protected] 

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Talent Wars 2024

What People Look for in Jobs & Locations

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