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How COVID-19 Reshaped the Battle for Workers

Since the onset of the pandemic, the U.S. has experienced a sort of economic whiplash–as has talent.  Communities are left wondering how COVID-19 has changed the talent attraction landscape.

The uncertainty of the current climate begs questions surrounding talent’s priorities, migration patterns, remote work incentives, and of course one of the hottest topics: talent’s top motivators to move in the middle of a global pandemic. DCI’s fifth national talent research report, Talent Wars: How COVID-19 Reshaped the Battle, seeks to answer those very questions. To do this, DCI surveyed 1,000+ people across the United States (ages 21-65) who moved to a new location at least 100 miles away from their previous residences since the start of the pandemic.

While countless studies and articles have emerged since March 2020 speculating how many people moved during the pandemic and where they went, DCI set out to better understand the why behind each move and identify emerging trends on the preferences and behaviors of talent that have actually relocated. The results are in—and they are fascinating. 

This report takes a deeper dive into the top factors talent considers when making a career or location change, where talent looks for information to inform their decisions, some of the most pressing topics unique to the era of COVID-19, and ultimately, the triggers behind relocation decisions.

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If you are interested in scheduling a live presentation (virtually or in-person) of the Talent Wars 2021 research from two DCI talent attraction marketing professionals, please contact Robyn Domber at [email protected] for pricing information.


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