Museum Marketing Quarterly: May 2020


Museums that have spent the past few weeks organizing virtual visits can, soon, look forward to the real thing. We’re just not quite there yet! Before that happens, make sure your marketing efforts are in place with a few of our best practice tips.

Keep an eye on this page each quarter for our museum marketing insights, new research and other useful information for your efforts.

You might be asking why we’re interested in museums. Well, at DCI we know how to launch new museums and cultural institutions, and we understand the unique tactics needed to attract more visitors. From identifying storytellers and narrators within institutions to cultivating interest of exhibitions by new target audiences, DCI has done it all. We go beyond generating editorial coverage and tallying impressions. We align our marketing efforts to the numbers that matter the most to institutions: visitors and revenue.

We look forward to sharing more ideas and strategies with you next quarter when, hopefully, most of this COVID-19 crisis has passed.

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Karyl Leigh Barnes

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