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DCI helped build Mississippi’s new brand inspired by the state’s people.

With so much untapped business potential, Mississippi needed a new brand identity. DCI used its expertise in creating the best economic development website designs to craft a user-friendly business attraction website and brand identity reflective of the state’s rich heritage and exciting promise.

The Challenge

The Mississippi River flows through the heart of America, powering not only the state, but the country. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. It’s internationally known. And it’s symbolic of many of the things that make Mississippi what it is. When the state needed help reclaiming its namesake Mississippi River and attracting economic growth from site selectors to business owners, DCI stepped in.

The Solution

Through in-depth research, DCI discovered the need for a brand that was authentic, warm and professional, but not too corporate. Incorporating the spirit of the state’s people, as well as its untapped opportunity for business and strategic access to key markets, DCI used its know-how in web development, SEO and digital marketing to create a brand identity and website redesign that was forward-looking while remaining true to the state’s heritage. From a redesigned homepage to landing pages optimized for search engines, the new economic development organization website prioritized user experience and functionality to cater to site visitors.

The Results

  • "Mighty Mississippi"

    A fresh, new tagline reflects the grounded yet powerful spirit of the state.

  • A New Look

    DCI used their digital tools and expertise to create a refreshed brand and new website with responsive design embodying the spirit of the state.

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