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Best Practices in Travel Public Relations: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Travel Media

Six years ago, Development Counsellors International (DCI) set out to document the preferences of travel media throughout the U.S. and Canada so that we could customize our public relations programs more accurately for travel destinations.

In the third edition of this study, first produced in 2014 and then replicated in 2016, DCI surveyed 160 U.S. travel journalists and 130 Canadian travel journalists to determine the similarities and differences in editorial preferences. Seventy percent of respondents identified as freelance writers who contribute to multiple media
outlets; 30% identified as staff writers, editors and producers.

Among other benefits, the findings of this study:

1. Aid U.S. and Canadian travel media relations specialists in accurately presenting information to travel journalists in both countries.

2. Provide insight for international travel public relations professionals who are engaging with media from these countries at IMM, ITB, WTM, VMEX or the variety of international media marketplaces that have recently arrived on the global radar.

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