About Daniella Middleton


Born and raised in New York City, Daniella’s professional and personal experiences can be drilled down to two words: Digital Traveler.  She was drawn to the international travel industry soon after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brandeis University and quickly became a digital marketing enthusiast. Daniella began her career in destination marketing by managing the North American marketing and sales activities for a portfolio of international clients that included convention bureaus, convention centers, meeting venues and hotels. She has implemented more than 60 roadshows and sales events, developed strategies for entry into new markets and curated content for industry and corporate meetings. Prior to joining DCI, Daniella worked at a digital think tank and earned her MBA in marketing and strategy from NYU Stern School of Business.

Daniella’s Passion for Places

Daniella’s spark for traveling was ignited when she received a scholarship at age 16 from The Experiment in International Living to spend the summer in Avila, Spain. Daniella has since traveled to 5 out of the 7 continents and considers herself a global citizen. Her most memorable travel moment to date has been a trip to Ireland with her mom – it was her mom’s first time out of the country and Daniella loved sharing the experience with her mother.

Notable Results

  • In partnership with the International Association of Conference Centers and IMEX Group, Daniella launched two research studies that analyzed generational purchasing habits of conference space in North America and Europe. She unveiled the findings at IMEX America and IMEX Frankfurt.
  • For Visit California, Daniella managed the partnership with #TravelSkills for a Twitter chat takeover, which garnered more than 70 million timeline deliveries and a reach of nearly 6 million. More than 1,000 contributors generated more than 3,000 tweets. She also oversaw the logistics of the Visit California #Foodiechats chat on Twitter, which accumulated more than 25 million timeline deliveries and a reach of nearly 2 million. More than 2,300 tweets were generated by nearly 400 contributors.
  • To complement the U.S. Virgin Islands’ “Procrastination Pays” support campaign for meeting planners, Daniella collaborated with the advertising agency and website design agency to create a microsite, digital collateral and e-marketing announcements to help track the campaign’s progress and motivate planners to book business.






Daniella Middleton at play

Up Close

This native New Yorker has a list of interests that rival the diversity of the city itself! From curling up on her couch and reading novels on her iPad to scouting out the latest music and street art scenes in any given city, Daniella considers herself to be equally street and book smart.  As a first generation college graduate, the importance of education is a reoccurring theme in her life. Whether it is tutoring her niece and nephew or volunteering as a recruiter for The Posse Foundation, Daniella tries to find ways of helping others achieve their educational goals.

Where You’ll Find Daniella on the Weekends

On the weekend, you can find Daniella in the driver’s seat of her beloved VW Jetta running errands in the city, visiting family in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, at a wine bar with friends, in Miami for a quick beach getaway with her husband Damon, or in a spinning class or hot yoga class – sweating and usually complaining about how hot it is in the room. No matter where she is, Daniella’s smartphone is always in arm’s reach so that she can check-in, post a photo or search for reviews.

Places that Daniella has called home:

Brooklyn, New York

Waltham, Massachusetts

Queens, New York

Harlem, New York

Avila, Spain

Surprising Facts about Daniella

Weather Anchor: The Weather Channel is her secret obsession. She never leaves home without checking the weather forecast and is a little obsessed with weather patterns and extreme weather conditions.  Will you need an umbrella tomorrow? Just ask Daniella and she’ll update you with the 5-day outlook.

English Royalty Roots: Middleton is Daniella’s married name, and she is frequently asked the question, “Are you related to Kate Middleton?” However, her maiden name now receives more attention than ever because of Downton Abby.  Please feel free to bow or curtsy for Daniella Crawley or Daniella Middleton.

Will Travel for a Haircut: After rolling her eyes at what she considered to be ridiculous tales of “I traveled to such and such state to see my hairdresser,” Daniella met the woman of her hair dreams, Shin An, in 2007. Life hasn’t been the same. Shin transformed Daniella’s very long, dark blonde locks into a platinum, pixie cut that she just can’t get enough of – so much so, that after Shin moved to Los Angeles, Daniella found herself boarding a plane for Los Angeles in 2011 to visit Shin for a haircut. Who’s rolling their eyes now?