Travel Trade Marketing

DCI has developed long-standing relationships with top-tier wholesalers, tour operators, travel agents and airlines – ensuring minimal start-up time when working with a new destination.

This provides our clients with opportunities to market their destination in ways difficult to do independently. Our team conducts perception and gap analysis research to inform a destination’s trade strategy, launches campaigns that enhance product distribution among wholesalers and tour operators, implements trade events and roadshows, conducts familiarization programs, negotiates and facilitates co-op marketing partnerships and staffs trade show activations.

DCI’s travel trade events connect our clients with product managers and decision-making executives at tour operators and with leading travel agents. We know which tour operators have potential to expand their product offerings and which travel agents sell to high-yield consumers. We help destination build stronger industry relationships, which leads to increases in sales and visitor arrivals.

Travel Trade Education Trade Partnerships Special Event Sponsorships Trade Show Campaigns Familiarization Programs

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