COVID-19: Travel Planning by Generation

DCI Insights Report November 10, 2020
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Post-COVID-19: Travel Planning and Generational Differences

What do boomers and millennials have in common when it comes to travel during COVID-19?

How about Generation Z and Generation X? We thought we’d launch a study to find out, to understand how generational differences during this unprecedented time may be manifesting themselves. We used an online survey to take the temperature, and the results are available.

In Post-COVID-19 Generational Divides in Travel Planning, DCI looked at what the various generations were thinking about during this pandemic. Is travel on their mind, and if so, how optimistic are they about visiting destinations near or far in the future? What concerns do they have and how do they plan to travel once they can again?

What the research shows is that, overall, each generation is hopeful, but with differences that may be useful for DMOs and destinations who are beginning to think of recovery plans. For example, one takeaway illustrates that older generations are seemingly less concerned about the pandemic and health implications when planning future travel, while younger generations may be more hesitant and afraid to get sick.

The findings are just first litmus test to understand whether or not travelers across the generations are planning differently during the COVID-19 crisis. How DMOs implement these ideas will be a crucial next step in helping to attract visitors once it becomes responsible to travel again.

Download the free report below to see what sorts of results we pulled from the data.

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Post-COVID-19 Generational Divides in Travel Planning

What is each generation thinking about when it comes to travel during COVID-19? DCI launched a study to find out and the results are now available.