Our Purpose

Elevating the lives of people living, traveling, and working in the places we serve by engaging our passions for travel, exploring new cultures, and doing good.

“When I go back to places that I know we played a part in developing, I feel really good about it.”

— Ted Levine, founder of DCI, 1960

As we celebrate our 60th year, DCI is reflecting on the communities and individual lives that have been changed for the good over the decades. These “impact stories” are the ripple effect — and the legacy — of the work we love.

Latest Impact Stories

Our Values

Our agency embraces six values that are specific to our position as the leader in marketing places.

Mother and daughter looking at museum display case

Be a knowledge sponge

  • Ask questions

  • Never stop learning

  • Embrace new ideas

Couple on beach

Keep promises

  • Honor your word

  • Be dependable

  • Make responsiveness a priority

Couple pointing to hills from lakeside

Embrace a passion for places

  • Serve as champions for our client communities

  • Help them create jobs and build stronger economies

  • Advance the profession of travel and economic development marketing

  • Make time for travel

Hand holding smartphone

Share your talents

  • Collaborate

  • Be a mentor

  • Commit to thought leadership

  • Never pass up an opportunity to help a colleague

Couple looking over landscape taking photo

Pursue happiness

  • Make time for health, a life outside of work, and doing good

  • Embrace life and work satisfaction


Champion Equity & Inclusion

  • Be inclusive

  • Elevate diverse voices

  • Cultivate a transparent work environment

  • Foster diversity within the place marketing industry

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