Our Values

Our agency embraces five values that are specific to our position as the leader in marketing places.

1. Be a knowledge sponge

  • Ask questions
  • Never stop learning
  • Embrace new ideas

2. Keep promises

  • Honor your word
  • Be dependable
  • Make responsiveness a priority

3. Embrace a passion for places

  • Serve as champions for our client communities
  • Help them create jobs and build stronger economies
  • Advance the profession of travel and economic development marketing
  • Make time for travel

4. Share your talents

  • Collaborate
  • Be a mentor
  • Commit to thought leadership
  • Never pass up an opportunity to help out a colleague

5.  Pursue happiness

  • Make time for health, a life outside of work, and doing good
  • Embrace life and work satisfaction

At DCI, we embrace both work and life satisfaction and as a result, have created an agency  atmosphere that thrives. These values serve as a daily guide for our leadership, our teams and our culture.

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