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Put Major Employers on the Map.

Talent wants to understand what jobs are available in your destination — and what companies in their industry are hiring so they know they have options for their own career moves and their partner’s. DCI’s Company Cluster Map tool is a beautiful, interactive visual solution to plot the story of business sectors in your area. Building upon Google’s technologies this tool quickly shows website visitors that your industry clusters are active and growing and a depth of employment options are available. DCI’s website team will work closely with you to determine which industries should be featured and collect a list of major employers to showcase.

By the Numbers

  • 4–8 Industry Clusters

    DCI will work with you to determine four to eight industry clusters to feature on this map.

  • Unlimited Companies

    There is no limit to the number of companies that can be featured on this map.

  • Zero Upkeep Required

    Never worry about having to check on the status of your company cluster map.

  • Process
  • Application Licensing

Steps to highlighting career opportunities on your website.

At the onset of this process, DCI’s website team will work closely with you to determine which industry clusters to feature on your map. We recommend featuring the same set of industries as featured on your website. From here, we’ll request a list of major employers from your key industries and our team will work to compile relevant information for each: employer name, location, social media accounts and brief overview copy about the company’s work.

Once developed, this application will live on its own page so users can browse all major employers in one place. In your website’s CMS, this application will appear as a menu item so that you can easily make updates to your major employer list, including adding new employers and editing current employers information.

Application Licensing
Application Licensing

DCI Web Application Policy & Licensing

DCI’s Web Apps are available for usage via an annual subscription basis only, with all ownership, intellectual property and proprietary rights remaining with DCI. Upkeep of the tool, associated licenses for integrated tech (i.e. API’s), hosting of the tool, security and monitoring.

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