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Helping talent find their place.

Every community has its own eclectic and distinct neighborhoods, each one offering a different personality and assets. DCI’s interactive Community Quiz web application allows the user to answer a series of guided questions to find the area in your region that best suits their needs.​​
We will work closely with you to determine which neighborhoods and distinct areas are featured as part of the quiz experience, as well as on the tailored questions and answers that lead users down the funnel.​

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Getting your quiz online.

At the onset of the process, we will work closely with your team to determine which communities to feature and establish the unique features of each. From here, we will build the questions into an interactive quiz to live on your website. Visitors can answer the questions about their preferred lifestyle and receive a tailored recommendation for their best community fit.

Application Licensing
Application Licensing

DCI Web Application Policy & Licensing

DCI’s Web Apps are available for usage via an annual subscription basis only, with all ownership, intellectual property and proprietary rights remaining with DCI. Upkeep of the tool, associated licenses for integrated tech (i.e. API’s), hosting of the tool, security and monitoring.

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