Three Destination Marketing Campaigns

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Viral PR campaign for tourism promotion attracted Canadians to three client destinations: Barbados, California and Rockford, Illinois.

DCI tapped into the Toronto Raptors public relations and Rockford marketing efforts to increase awareness of client destinations among Canadians. Using their know-how and the NBA finals as a way into the conversations, DCI helped three destinations find success.

The Challenge

Attracting Canadian travelers is key for many tourism marketing campaigns. In 2019, for the first time in franchise history, the Toronto Raptors’ made the NBA Finals, thrilling Canadians and sparking a flurry of marketing opportunities and media coverage in Canada. Several target markets were seeking solutions to increase target audience arrivals from Canada. DCI sought to leverage this Canadian event across media platforms to increase awareness and visitation to those client destinations through creative marketing strategies.

The Solution

DCI initiated three destination marketing campaigns leveraging the Toronto Raptors’ historic appearance in the NBA Finals to draw attention to three travel destinations – Barbados, California, and Rockford, IL. By working with influencers in the sports domain and organizing watch parties in client destinations, DCI’s initiatives helped clients attract Canadian media attention, and consequently Canadian travelers. Alongside a social media campaign with fans, DCI managed to increase awareness of all three tourist destinations among Canadians.

The Results

  • 700+ Million Impressions

    scored by travel PR efforts.

  • 2.3% Arrivals Increase

    in Barbados generated from creative giveaway with Raptors player.

  • 3% Arrivals Increase

    in California connected to efforts encouraging Raptors’ fans to take their dream getaways in California.

  • 3,500

    Attended Rockford viewing parties for Raptors’ hometown hero Fred VanVleet, drawing media coverage.

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