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Belize Tourism Board



Emerging from the pandemic, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) sought to position the destination as the best choice for travelers considering Latin America.

Services Provided


Make a splash as borders reopened by negotiating a partnership with Sports Illustrated to feature Belize’s alluring landscapes and quintessential experiences in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. With the 2022 edition serving as the launch of the magazine’s “Pay with Change” initiative, celebrating brands committed to gender equity, this partnership not only generated a buzz for Belize, but also reinforced the destination’s position as a safe, forward-thinking and intriguing destination.


  • DCI organized a 10-day photo and video shoot for 28 production staff, 7 talent and 10+ locations across the country, including a top-secret shoot.
  • The top-secret shoot resulted in a cover placement featuring the iconic Maye Musk, the oldest (in a great way!) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model.
  • Belize was featured in 30 pieces of dedicated editorial coverage online and in print, which resulted in 3B+ media impressions.
  • Maye Musk’s Belize cover generated an additional 20B+ earned media impressions.
  • BTB was also tagged in several social media posts across the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit channels, which boasts a combined following of 360M followers.
  • As part of the ‘Pay with Change’ campaign, BTB airline partner, Alaska Air, ran a full-page ad that highlights their female pilot commitment – sweetening the partnership with purpose.
  • While DCI is BTB’s Canada office, our BIG IDEA went beyond Canadian borders and secured DCI’s position as a creative agency partner for BTB. The result? Expansion of our work into U.S. travel trade representation.
30 Dedicated Pieces of Sport’s Illustrated Coverage online and in print
3B Impressions via Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue
20B Total Impressions

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