Meet the MVP of Communication: Motion Graphics

January 19, 2021

Motion graphics are by no means new, but that doesn’t mean that a lot of campaigns aren’t missing an opportunity to use one of the most effective marketing tools available.

In the simplest terms, motion graphics (also known as motion design) is graphic design that moves. Sometimes it includes audio and sometimes it doesn’t, but like graphic design, it’s all about communication.

Dominating the Field
As I discussed in my previous post, infographics are an incredibly effective way of communicating your message in part because we process images much more quickly than we read. Motion design can take that advantage to the next level.

Why is it so effective?
The effectiveness of motion graphics comes down to a few key areas:

Breaking it Down
In a static image your attention is divided amongst the different areas of the page. With a motion graphic, you have the advantage of being able to use animation to focus on as little as one item at a time, free of distractions.

Is it Life or Death?
Our eyes and brains have evolved to track movement as a means of evaluating the needs of our very survival. This might sound dramatic, but as this article from Convergent notes, “movement attracts attention and causes us to pause and assess its relevance to us, while lack of motion does the opposite. Is there any wonder why the motion of digital signage garners 400% more eyeballs than traditional signage (Intel)?“

While it may seem obvious, including both audio and visual means that nether method has to carry all of the weight of delivering your message. This will make your video shorter and more effective. For more information, read up on Dual-Coding theory.

Passive Consumption
When you combine the increased focus, our hardwired response to movement and multiple avenues of data input, the result is a message where you’re along for the ride. That is to say, the effort to consume your message becomes so minimal that if the viewer scrolls past on auto-play they’ll find themselves watching without even thinking about it.

Design with Legs
One of the major strengths of motion graphics is its versatility. One well-planned motion graphic can be optimized for use in a variety of media. For example, you could create a clip that can be shared on social media, presented in a keynote or even aired on television as an effective and potentially budget-friendly commercial. You can even repurpose individual animated elements to populate relevant sections of your website.

Bang for Your Buck
While these graphics can incur a little more in upfront cost compared to standard design work, you get a lot of milage out of the dollars you spend and it’s much cheaper on average than traditional video production.

Okay, that was a pretty hard sell. Let me guess, you offer motion graphics?
Alright, you’re onto us. We’ve motioned a graphic or two in our time. If you’re curious about learning more, email [email protected].