6 Hispanic and Latino Travel Writers to Celebrate this Month and Beyond

October 05, 2022
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With National Hispanic Heritage Month running from September 15 to October 15 in the United States, it is a time to recognize and show appreciation for the influence that Hispanic Americans have had on the culture of this country.

The month-long celebration allows us to remember the past achievements and contributions of Latino people and celebrate current ones. As we celebrate this year, DCI wanted to take some time to highlight a few of our favorite Hispanic and Latino travel writers who are inspiring people with their own passion for places.

Two Outsiders
Two Outsiders is a travel and lifestyle blog created by content creators Dani and Nico. This Venezuelan couple, now living in Miami, documents their trips near and far and shares all the tips they’ve learned along the way. Their mission is to not only inspire people with incredible photos and stories from their adventures, but to help people realize that they, too, can travel to their dream destinations. On their blog you’ll find anything from the best restaurant recommendations to travel tips to relationship advice.

O. Christine
Olivia Christine is a Bronx-born Afro Latina and a certified wellness and travel expert. After experiencing burnout at her full-time job while battling lupus, Olivia decided to leave the 9-5 life behind in pursuit of joy and wellness back in 2014. She now helps others find balance in their lives and shares her tried and true tips for making travel a peaceful and immersive experience. To her, investing in experiences and reconnecting with the outdoors should be at the top of everyone’s priorities and her blog aims to challenge people to create a life they love, despite any difficult circumstances.

On the City Sidewalks
Ana Rebecca is a self-proclaimed city-loving entrepreneur and creator of On the City Sidewalks, a travel and lifestyle blog. She is 100% Puerto Rican and dedicated to producing content that helps people create a positive mindset. Her adventure started in Chicago back in 2012 when she realized her passion for discovering new places and decided to leave her job to pursue travel full-time. Ten years later, Ana is based in NYC and still exploring the globe, taking her followers along with her. Her expertise ranges from travel to beauty and wellness and more.


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Latina Chic Travels
Want to learn how to travel smarter and more purposefully? Ivonne Morales has got you covered. A full-time world traveler based in New York, Ivonne has been to over 50 countries and uses her social platforms to show her followers how to get the most out of their excursions. When she is not sharing stunning photos of her trips, providing wardrobe inspiration or writing guides for destinations around the world, she is exploring her home city, NYC, and telling her followers how to fully experience The Big Apple.

Dominican Abroad
This digital media platform was founded in 2017 by Dominican American content creator Gerry Isabelle. Housing articles, videos and incredible photos of experiences from New York and the Dominican, this platform is dedicated to providing travel content through a multicultural lens. Gerry created the platform to not only inspire people with a unique perspective on travel, but to educate, empower and diversify the industry itself. Her page details the work the Dominican Abroad community is doing for human rights, cultural preservation, sustainability and much more.

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and work to further champion diversity and inclusion in the travel industry, consider keeping these names in mind when looking to partner with travel writers and influencers. If you have questions about partnering with travel writers or how to collaborate with online influencers to drive consumer engagement, contact [email protected].

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Beatriz Guerrero

Senior Account Executive