2023 Canadian Traveler Research Reveals 3 Top Needs

March 15, 2023
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With pandemic era restrictions mostly a thing of the past, Canadian leisure travelers are in high demand, and fresh 2023 Canadian traveler research is helping marketers understand what’s new. To learn more about what they are seeking when booking trips, Development Counsellors International researched and published its third edition of its industry-leading report, “Capturing the Canadian Consumer: Insights into the Path to Purchase of the Canadian Travelers.”

The results in this new report build upon the 2017 and 2020 editions with a host of fresh results and data. DCI surveyed 1,511 Canadian citizens from different financial and geographic backgrounds to understand what this niche group of travelers are seeking. The report includes specific results from the provinces, helping marketers target Canadian consumers even further.

Since 41 percent of Canadians say they are keen to book international getaways in the next 12 months, well above the global average of 30 percent, destinations need to be looking at this important group of travelers. They are on the move and prepared to spend.

A quick look at three top needs of Canadian travelers will give you a taste of what’s inside the full report, now in its third edition, available here.

1. Canadians Seek Stability
While the pandemic is mostly in the rear-view mirror, the world is anything but calm and settled. Canadians report seeking stability in destinations more than anything else. At least 90 percent of international travelers prioritize safety and security, according to DCI’s 2023 Canadian traveler research. A war in Ukraine and shaky political environments around the globe have an impact on what Canadian travelers want.

Destinations need to realize that stability also means that Canadians seek a solid value for their money. Economic uncertainty has made every dollar count that much more, and travelers want to make sure that their vacations are not risky investments.

2. Canadians Seek Green Escapes
While many Canadian travelers are seeking relaxation in their getaways, they are also prioritizing being in beautiful places. The idea of “green before screens” is a priority with 87 percent of respondents reporting that access to beautiful natural environments is a top factor in destination selection, according to DCI’s 2023 Canadian traveler research. Destinations with pristine natural resources will want to put them at the forefront of their marketing efforts.

While pushing beautiful places may seem par for the course, in the same breath, only 28 percent of Canadians are interested in destinations that show well on social media. For digital marketing campaigns and influencer relations, this statistic is an important one to consider. Destinations need to take stock of what they are doing and how they are presenting their destination to Canadians – and maybe leave the ring lights at home for a while. Canadian travelers want beautiful destinations that are real and honest, not just well filtered.

3. Canadians Seek Normalcy and Routine
The return to normalcy means remote workers and at-home learning is winding down. Workers are getting back into the office, at least a little, and students are back in the classroom. As such, the seasonality of international trips is returning. While more travelers in general are planning trips in the first half of the year to escape the cold, those under the age of 65 are significantly more likely to travel between July and September, corresponding to families who are taking advantage of school summer breaks.

Destinations who thrived as family getaways for remote learning during the winter and autumn need to rethink their approach with Canadian consumers. They’re back to planning summer vacations and destinations need to act accordingly to capture their attention.

These three needs are just the start. For more results and data to guide your marketing efforts,  get your copy of DCI’s 2023 Canadian traveler report, “Capturing the Canadian Consumer: Insights into the Path to Purchase of the Canadian Travellers,” available now.

Canadian travelers are a powerful group to attract, and DCI has more than 60 years of experience working with marketers to stay in front of them. DCI’s research and marketing prowess knows exactly what this niche consumer segment needs. Get in touch with Robyn Domber at [email protected] to help tap into the potential of DCI’s 2023 Canadian traveler research report.

Written by

Robyn Domber

Senior Vice President, Research