15 Foodie Influencers to Get Cooking With

April 05, 2023

Appealing to all of travelers’ senses can be tricky, which is why foodie influencers and content creators are a winning way to make sure your destination has your travelers’ taste buds covered.

Working with these digital influencers who specialize in food means destinations can connect with hungry travelers and showcase their culinary offerings more directly. Share local dishes, feature key restaurants, introduce culinary walking tours – anything is possible with a foodie influencer or content creator partnership. Across North America, these 15 digital influencers are some of our favorites for pairing with culinary content.

1. @abhishekdekate
Abhishek Dekate is a Canadian content creator who also works with Food Network in Canada. He knows a thing or two about perfecting the aerial shot of a mouth-watering spread, whether it’s a cheese and charcuterie plate or a morning coffee and croissant situation. With nearly 30k followers, he’s a solid partner to reach Canadian travelers.

2. @allons.y
Isabelle Cheng is another Canadian foodie influencer who travels with food in her sights. With nearly 200k followers, she has honed the perfect image for travelers who want to indulge. She’ll inspire them to come and seek out the most delicious luxury experiences possible in your destination.

3. @thecaroandtina
Caro and Tina are two sisters from the U.S. who are clearly having too much fun creating content for their 153k followers. They’re always smiling and with good reason once you browse all of the eye-catching dishes they’re consuming – but they keep it relatable on their Instagram.

4. @brunchnista
Michelle Sprott is based in Brooklyn and has marketed herself as a brunch queen of sorts. This storyteller even has her own merch! She reaches more than 36k followers on Instagram alone and brings her own unique and distinct style wherever she goes, which may be the kind of edge your destination needs.

5. @cheatdayeats
Take a look at her Instagram and you’d be tempted to think every day is cheat day for U.S. based influencer Jessica Hirsch. Wherever she goes, she eats, and her unique angles and close-ups bring a distinct style to her food content. Work with her and she’ll certainly have potential travelers drooling.

6. @dialaskitchen
Diala Canelo serves up foodie content to her 152k followers, whether she’s in Paris or Toronto – or anywhere in between. She’s a solid partner to promote any culinary angles in your destination, whether it’s dining, wineries, or other local products.

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7. @edenthefoodie
Eden Hagos cooks, she travels, she eats, and she connects with more than 33k followers on Instagram. For destinations who want to speak more directly to Canadian audiences and get them traveling, a partnership with Eden shouldn’t be on the backburner anymore.

8. @emilierossignolarts
It’s Emilie – not to be confused with Emily on a not-to-be-named Netflix series – but she also has taken a French-speaking city by storm with her foodie content in Montreal. She reviews local hot spots and leaves honest takes for her 46k followers.

9. @fatgirlhedonist
Cari Garcia is a foodie influencer hero in so many ways, not least for her constant posts featuring the best sweets wherever she goes. They make future travelers want to pack extra insulin, but in a good way. Partner with her to tap into her more than 200k followers on Instagram and get audiences craving your destination.

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10. @feedthemalik
Anela Malik keeps things personal for her 109k followers on Instagram, featuring her foodie adventures in Portland, OR, and beyond. She also highlights Black culture wherever she travels, making her a real tour de force for destinations looking to reach specific audiences in the U.S.
Screenshot of Instagram post with colorful, elaborate dessert.

11. @nom_life
Ewo and Jeromy Ko met while working in a Chinese restaurant, and now they travel the world capturing every dish with a touch of glam. The trendy U.S.-based pair reach more than 313k followers on Instagram, making them a very tasteful choice for destinations looking to attract a more fashion-forward set.


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12. @stuffbeneat
U.S.-based Ben Hon serves up dish after dish on his Instagram, reaching more than 60k followers. His carefully curated Instagram features gorgeous dishes but also foregrounds the places he travels. Resorts, cruises, cities – he’ll go and he’ll find the perfect lighting to showcase what visitors should eat.

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13. @succulentbite
A Forbes 30 Under 30 member, Nico Norena is a powerhouse foodie influencer with more than 1 million followers on Instagram. He’s often cooking when he’s not traveling, so get him to visit your destination and see what sort of content he can share with his followers.

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14. @thebubblytalk
Wendy’s lifestyle and food content is prime thirst-trap – literally – because she seems to always feature a cocktail or glass of wine. This Atlanta-based content creator can do it all, so dig into her audience to see if it’s the target your destination is looking to hit.


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15. @vancouverfoodie
Canada-based Emma Cho is traveling and eating it all, from desserts to convenience stores, and capturing it all for more than 106k fans on Instagram. She tells people what to eat wherever she goes, bringing a personal touch and a dose of realness to her posts that her followers love.


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