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Meeting Room of the Future

For the last 3 years, DCI, in partnership with IACC, have delivered an annual set of industry insights and trends into the future of small to mid-size conferences and meetings. The annual report receives over 1,000 downloads and multiple features in trade publications throughout the year. Working with MPI and other industry partners, the IACC Meeting Room of the Future initiative has proven there is an appetite to research planners and venues and to highlight innovations which builds confidence with meeting planners to host meetings in inspiring locations and to develop their meeting experience.

In June 2019, the initiative will move to the next level, by creating a showcase area that will immerse visitors in a forward looking educational and consultative experience.  IACC will be publishing the 2019 Meeting Room of the Future report, following interviewing 250 global meeting planners.

What: MPI WEC 2019

When: Sunday, June 16 @ 9:30 am and Monday, June 17 @ 3:00 pm

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Presenters: Daniella Middleton, Vice President, Development Counsellors International and Mark Cooper, CEO, IACC

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