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Digital Dos for DMOs

With some creative adaptation, DMOs can often garner good results with digital technologies that are achieving success in other fields, such as retail and entertainment. Here are four strategies to consider borrowing to ramp up interest in your destination and attract more visitors.

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Podcasts are making a comeback

The success of podcasts like Serial has thrust this relatively old-school format into the limelight. Through podcasts, DMOs can reach potential visitors with engaging stories relevant to their audiences blended with subtle advertising about their destinations. Because successful podcasts require skilled planning, technology, and production, most DMOs will want to partner with established podcast companies.

Beacon technology is a natural

Beacons — physical landmarks that send location-based information to mobile phones and devices — are taking the retail sector by storm. Beacon technology is a natural for destinations. Hotels, attractions, and events can all benefit from this interactive system that not only improves the visitor experience but also provides DMOs with a better understanding of the needs of their audiences.


Virtual reality offers room for growth

Along the province of gaming, virtual reality offers a chance to put the viewer in the center of your destination — gazing at stunning scenery, experiencing colorful local culture, or participating in iconic festivals. DMOs like Visit Houston and Tourism Australia have integrated virtual reality promotional content into their mobile apps. The challenge is to turn promotional content into an engaging experience. There’s a lot of room to rise above the crowd here. In its rankings, Skift was shooting for a “best 25” list but settled for a list of the top 10 travel virtual reality experiences available today.

With social media links, placement matters

Studies show that where you place social media buttons on your DMO website influences how often readers use them to share content about your destination. In most cases, the top left area of the page or screen is best. That said, the biggest driver of social sharing is still great content.

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Daniella Middleton

Daniella Middleton is a Senior Vice President in the Tourism Practice, leading strategy and directing digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing partnerships, and MICE / business events marketing and sales.

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