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Top 5 Economic Development Marketing Blogs to Ring in a Successful New Year

2015 Blog Review

As 2015 comes to a close, we reflect back on the news and stories we were able to share with our readers.  Like the devoted marketers we are, we’ve tracked the most-viewed blogs from the year with some of our best-kept economic development marketing secrets and tips. Round out your holiday reading with these must-read blogs from 2015 with key takeaways to bring into the New Year.

Blog Loving 2.0: An Updated List of Top Economic Development Blogs

This curated list of blogs for economic developers ranges in focus from branding to research, and everything in between. Make sure you bookmark these eight sites to stay up-to-date on industry news and best practices in 2016.

How to Spot a Pay-to-Play Hoax in Economic Development

Pay-to-play media scams are becoming more pervasive, especially in the broadcast world. Here are three tips to avoid getting caught up in media opportunities which appear to be earned, yet turn out to be for a fee.

10 Best Practices for Economic Development Websites

DCI’s 2014 Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing report revealed that an organization’s website is its most effective marketing tool for educating site selectors and corporate executives about a community. This fact remains truer than ever heading into 2016.  Check out the 10 ways to keep your EDO’s website top-of-mind and in tip-top shape.

Five Buzzwords to Retire from your Economic Development Vocabulary

Leave the tired economic development jargon behind and start 2016 anew with a fresh set of vocab words to make your marketing efforts rise above industry noise.

8 Best Practices for Economic Development Case Studies

Company success stories add value and credibility to an EDO’s website. Here are eight pro tips to take your case studies from average to awesome that you may have not considered.

What has been your favorite blog or best tip from 2015? We’d love to hear. Happy reading and happy holidays from your DCI Economic Development Team!

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Karleen Lewis

Karleen joined DCI’s digital team and Economic Development Division in 2015. As a Account Manager and self-described “digital detective,” she lends support to DCI’s digital marketing as well has contributed to client digital projects for Colorado Springs, Northern Colorado and the State of Colorado.

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