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Economic Development Organizations That Create Compelling Content through Blogging


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Often times, when companies are looking to expand or startup in a new region, one their first steps are browsing for helpful information online. When top talent searches for places to find work, they research cities with an uptick in job growth and try to hone in on places where certain areas of expertise thrive. That’s why it’s important to have a quality economic development website—it can make or break a person’s perception of the region. But there is another critical piece needed to maximize an economic development websites’ potential—a blog.

Blogs are  crucial to the success of a website’s influence. They can provide the latest content and resources about a region that visitors, prospective residents and interested businesses are looking for. Blogs help EDOs look fresh, pushing new and more visitors to their sites.

Below are eight of some of our favorite blogs written by EDOs.

1. Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation

Metro Denver Economic Development logo


Metro Denver EDC’s E-Force blog takes an in-depth look at the many reasons why Metro Denver fares well in national rankings, highlights key economic insights and plays off fun themes like holidays and events to showcase the business climate. Not only do they create great content, but the promotion behind the blog takes their message even further. To help get the word out, their blog posts are sent to their “Digital Agents,” an elite squad of social media-savvy, Denver-based entrepreneurs and “passionistas” who help share the good news with their followers.

2. Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership

Greater MSP logo


Greater MSP’s blog sure knows the meaning of teamwork by showcasing their ability to come to together and make decisions in order to create a bright future for economic development success. Blog posts detail new trade and investment plans, job growth for millennials and other big projects happening in the region. They even showcase how the EDO’s leaders unveiled a detailed set of measures to track and assess the strength of their regional economy. The end goal? Provide sustainable growth and opportunity. Regional coordination is no easy task but Greater MSP utilizes their blog to showcase tremendous feats.

3. New York City Economic Development Corporation

NYCEDCEntrepreneurs, employment trends and innovative economic development initiatives are just some of the topics you’ll read about in NYCEDC’s blog. This highly visual blog gives readers a clear idea of where jobs are needed most in the Big Apple. For example, this girls in tech NYC detailed potential career opportunities for women in the field of computer science. NYCEDC certainly gives off that “Empire State of Mind” through their captivating content.

4. San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation


San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation logo


San Diego goes with the flow and so does theSan Diego EDC blog with several ongoing blog series. To help keep visitors aware of California’s monthly job report, the EDC releases a post highlighting employment data ups and downs. The EDC also has a weekly series dedicated to 15 San Diego-based companies that received the MetroConnect Prize, which grants local companies $10,000 each in order to assist with developing international business opportunities. Celebrating the successes of these local companies surely makes the EDC shine as a supporter of the community.

5. Amarillo Economic Development Corporation


Amarillo Economic Development Corporation logo


Amarillo EDC’s blog celebrates their region’s companies and economic strength through rankings. This blog is admirable because they choose not to shy away from their past, but instead showcase the city’s perseverance in times of hardship. One post highlights an era when Amarillo’s unemployment rate was higher than the national average and consumer activity was declining. Their Vice President of Business Development, Steve Pritchett, made this blog post personal by detailing his joy in paying witness to and participating in the transformation of the city since 1989. The blog shows that the only way is up for Amarillo.

6. Columbus 2020

Columbus 2020 logo


Inspiring quotes are an engaging way to start a blog and Columbus 2020 does just that with their blog, titled “Economic Development Matters.” The blog, written by the CEO, Kenny McDonald, informatively explains how the Columbus region is a leader in economic growth and demonstrates why the region represents the future of the Midwest. With images, data, events and catchy titles, each post captivates readers. Not to mention, this blog helps promote Kenny McDonald as a true economic development thought leader.

7. Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Invest in Holland logo

When the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency launched their new website, part of their content strategy included a blog. Many blogs come across as robotic, but this blog has a voice that aims to educate, inspire and convey the Dutch’s fun way of life. You won’t be disappointed and as the blog states, “We promise you’ll leave delighted.”

8. Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Logo

Want to share how your region is succeeding in being an entrepreneurial hub? Then get the word out about your startup scene through blogging! WEDC’s “Launch in Wisconsin” blog does just that with a focus on entrepreneurship and startups in Wisconsin. Their blog posts highlight local startups, innovation and healthcare and entrepreneurship-focused events. Hats off to you, Wisconsin!

Is your EDO creating great content through blogging? Tell us in a comment below!

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