Four Digital Studies DMOs Should Be Reading

July 17, 2015

It can’t be denied: new technology and digital innovations are reshaping the travel business. From constructing personalized travel experiences to creating lasting social buzz, DMOs must adopt new strategies to remain relevant in a digital world.

To help destination marketing organizations stay abreast of changes in the digital landscape, we’ve collected four of the most recent and relevant reports containing useful insights for DMOs. Click on the title of each report for a link to download the full study.

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PhocuswrightPhocuswright: Travel Innovation and Technology Trends 2015

Phocuswright’s latest study highlights new technologies that can be used to optimize traveler experience. The topics covered in this research are cutting-edge, including top digital resources for gathering consumer feedback, services that allow users to construct ultra-personal experiences and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in enhancing the customer service experience. In addition to an overview and potential impacts of each trend, Phocuswright’s report offers specific technologies that can help travel companies stay ahead of the curve.

The five trends addressed in the study are:

 •  No customer experience management = no customers
 •  A market of one: Individualized customer service
 •  Artificial intelligence opens opportunities
 •  The sharing economy/collaborative consumption
 •  No time to waste in digital marketing


Deloitte 3Deloitte: Social? That’s for consumers. For travel companies, social media means business.

This study says one third of consumers begin thinking about their next vacation after being inspired online. To properly take advantage of these opportunities, DMOs must manage their digital presence with a business mindset that differs from consumer activity on social platforms. With suggestions for digital measurement, effective targeting efforts and strategic digital management within companies, this report is a great resource for DMOs looking to gain power in the digital sphere.







CWTCarlson Wagonlit Travel: Faster, smarter, better? Emerging technologies and trends and their impact on managed travel

After a survey of more than 1,000 travelers and travel managers worldwide, this report reveals the top trends and technologies likely to affect the managed travel industry in the next three to five years. Five main themes are addressed, including mobile technology, customization, the sharing economy, new booking solutions and new payment solutions. The study thoroughly describes relevant emerging technologies and the effects they may have on travel programs in the near future.







Twitter StudyEncore Alert: 2015 Destination Marketing Twitter Study

This comprehensive study analyzes the Twitter behavior of all 50 state DMOs (plus Washington, D.C.) as well as 100 top destination cities. In addition to a long list of useful rankings, Encore Alert’s research provides miniature case studies on destinations using Twitter effectively and concludes with a few practical takeaways to help DMOs focus their social media efforts.




Derek Byrne

Written by Derek Byrne

Derek Byrne is an Assistant Account Executive in DCI’s Tourism Practice. In addition to working with a variety of DMOs, he contributes to implementing DCI’s digital and social media strategy.

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