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Comparing Generational Differences between European and North American Meeting Planners

These Could Be the Best 20 Minutes of Your Day.

Did you miss DCI’s session at IMEX America last month and our webinar on Comparing the Generational Differences between European and North American Meeting Planners? Not to worry, you can view the webinar below at your leisure for comparative analysis of our North American and European generational studies, and to learn how generational preference could have an impact on how you market and sell your destination and venue!

The webinar features key insights for four generations of European and North American meeting planners: Mature (age 66 and older), Baby Boomer (age 47-65), Generation X (age 33-46) and Millennials (age 18-32).

I promise that if you spend 20 minutes of your time viewing our webinar, you’ll receive these takeaways:

  1. Key Results Of DCI’s European and North American Meeting Planner Research
  2. Trends In Site and Venue Selection for Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers
  3. How to Optimize Your Sales Pitch for Different Generations of Meeting Planner

Please reach out to me for complimentary copies of our European and North American Generational Studies: [email protected]

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Daniella Middleton

Daniella Middleton is a Senior Vice President in the Tourism Practice, leading strategy and directing digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing partnerships, and MICE / business events marketing and sales.

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