Corporate Executives Share Insights On What Works in Economic Development Marketing

What impact has the Trump administration had on how executives with site-selection responsibilities make location decisions? How can an economic development organization promote a favorable perception of its community among corporate decision makers?

For answers to these questions and more, download the 2017 edition of “Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing.”

Since 1996, Development Counsellors International (DCI) has provided economic development professionals the opportunity to hear directly from their “customers” through a comprehensive survey of corporate executives and their advisors. Through the Winning Strategies survey and analysis, DCI has provided insights into current best practices in marketing places and how these practices have changed over time.

The interest in how executives make location decisions has never been higher, given the current political and economic climate. Now in its eighth iteration, Winning Strategies has expanded upon its original form to include questions on international business climates, as well as to provide an updated snapshot of corporate America.